• my cane galex
  • lupus in ring form
  • lupus in sword form
  • romanus in necklace form
  • romanus in spear form
  • my dad, detective nicholas ringlifk
  • im Thomas Ringlifk
name: Thomas Ringlifk (unclaimed camper

gender: male

DOB: dec.24th, 1993

cohort choices: 2 ,4 ,5

godly choices: trivia,ceres, minerva

powers: magical skills, planning, landscape knowledge, martial arts skill

items: cane, ring that becomes a sword (lupus), necklace that becomes a lance ( romanus)

history: my mom met dad at a christmas party. she was in a black silk dress while he was in a cheesy christmas sweater. she fell for him in an instant and him for her. they dated and after eight months he proposed. they were married on new years. they were in love. after i was born she explained everything to him. he took it well and raised me well. i was popular in school and excelled at roman history. my dad worked as a detective. every year he got an item from my mom. there are a few pictures of us together. we lived in new olympia, washington. we were attacked when i was eighteen by a gorgon wanting to marry my dad. my dad told me to go into the hause and get the packages my mom left. it was a ring, a neclace, and a cane. the names popped into my head: the cane was galex, my ring is lupus, and my necklace is romanus. when i came out he was grappling with the gorgon. he looked back at and smiled at me then took the gorgon over the cliff in to the ocean. a day later i was taken to the wolf house then to camp jupiter.Jess Lazzell 22:12, December 8, 2011 (UTC)


Thomas is a black belt in karate, kungfu, and judo

enjoys walking in the woods

is a vegetarian

enjoys rock climbing

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