("at" means "but" in Latin, so unless you meant "but also", that's incorrect. changed it to "et", which means "and")
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[[File:3rd_cohort.jpg|thumb|Third Cohort]]''"Lex at honor."''
[[File:3rd_cohort.jpg|thumb|Third Cohort]]''"Lex et honor."''
- Law and honour.
- Law and honour.

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3rd cohort

Third Cohort

"Lex et honor."

- Law and honour.

The Third Cohort is one of five cohorts in Camp Jupiter. We accept good warriors and tacticians. Our lar is Septimus. We clean the cohort at least once a week. We keep our weapons hung up on the south wall. We keep books on tactics and warfare on the west wall. We go for regular runs every morning. We are the bulk of the armed forces for Camp Jupiter. The post for centurions are open.


Centurions and probatio wanted.

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