Rei Schiffer

Name: Rei Schiffer

Date of Birth: 19th March 1996

Gender: Male

Cohort Choices: 1st Cohort, 3rd Cohort or the 4th Cohort

Godly Parent Choices: Jupiter, Pluto or Neptune

Weapons and PowersEdit

Plain OLYMP Blade

Fulmine Ictum


Rei had a weapon named Fulmine Ictum, which means Lightning Strike. A small imperial gold dagger with features resembling a man, whose appearance look eerily similar to the man who gave him the dagger. When commanded, transforms into a large sword. In the form of a large sword It added features of other gods as well; This weapon’s name means lightning strike because it is very light; lighter than it looks, and is able to deal serious, rapid attacks.


He has the powers of his godly parent.


Early LifeEdit

Rei never knew his father; living with his mother and stepfather, who had been more than kind and supportive through the years. By the age of 10, Rei dealt with his first monster encounter, which his mother swiftly dealt with. by the age of twelve, the monster attacks had become more common, Rei's mother realized that the truth would eventually be revealed, so she told her son of the existence of the Roman Gods and Monsters, being a legacy of Minerva herself.

Fleeing Home and Arrival at CampEdit

That night, Rei fled his home to protect his family. A few days after he left, barely surviving, he met a man whose appearance was disciplined, militaristic, and warlike. But overall, he acted like a father.

When the man came, Rei felt that no monsters were near him, which was the first in a long time. The man gave Rei a small imperial gold dagger, "Fulmine Ictum" and set him off to a direction. The man soon left, and Rei followed the direction. Rei then saw a group of people wearing uniform purple shirts being attacked by monsters, Laistrygonian Giants. Rei jumped in to help the fight, discovering that the small dagger could in fact turn into a larger sword. He managed to turn the tide of the battle, and found out that they were from the Roman Camp, Camp Jupiter that his mother spoke of. Rei was then brought into the camp, where he soon discovered that the man that he encountered was indeed his godly parent.

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