Lupa is the trainer of Roman demigods and legacies at Camp Jupiter. You can be trained at the 'the Wolf House' (see Wolf House) from ages four up, the most recent demigod or legacies to train at four years old is Jason Grace.

Lupa has her pack of wolves, who can serve as messengers, or anything Lupa needs from them. She teaches you the language of signs, and for you to fight like a wolf. To be vicious, tough and quick like a wolf. To be disciplined also.

Lupa is the immortal mother of Romulus and Remus. 'She raised them like she trained the Romans. Eventually, R'omulus fought and killed Remus to become the founder of Rome, which he raised up. Aeneas was another founder of Rome, but their little bits came together. Romulus and Remus were deified, and called Quirinus, from Romulus, and Indiges, from Aeneas.

Lupa is also the overseer of the Camp. She also keeps guard of the Oakland Hills, which is one way into the Camp. She is a patron goddess of Rome.

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