Charactor Created by: Jason Grace

Name: John Grace

DOB: 06/09/02

Gender: Boy

3 Cohort choices: 1,3,2

3 Godly parent choices: Zeus, Hades and Apollo

Weapon: a golden sword that can turn into a USB and can turn into a flute

Powers: good at instruments, haealing powers and good at archery, he can foresee and he is good at poetry.

How John Got to Camp Jupiter and knew he is a demi-god: John Grace has dyslexia and ADHD, he had a golden USB somehow in his pockets and he can't remember anything about his life, the when he held the USB in his hand it turned into a golden sword, it was shining under the sunlight, he remember something about fighting monsters with the sword, then he saw two cyclops running towards him holding clubs, then he stabbed the golden sword, which John called it Goldnus, into the cyclops and it exploded into flames, then he stabbed it into the next cyclops and it exploded into flames but came back, then the cyclops whacked john in the face then he opened his eyes and he was near to a maintenance tunnel, he ran towards it and saw an old man, the man said, "Can you carry me in the maintenance tunnel?" John agreed and carried the man while running into the maintenance tunnel, he saw two soldiers near the entrance of the maintenance tunnel, they looked at the cyclops behind John and immediantly let john and the old man into the tunnel, after the LED lights near the tunnel became torches as he ran further, then at last at the end of the tunnel was an river, he swam through the river without getting the old man wet and saw gates, the old man said, "let this young boy in!" and the gates opened and then he saw a sign saying Camp Jupiter then he realised it's camp jupiter, then the old man got off and turned into jupiter, "This demi-god is john Grace,  take care of him!" and after Jupiter said it, he disappeared into mist and then immediantly, John knew he is a demi-god

His parents: Mother: Diana Grace (died in a car accident but John and Chris survived) Father: Unknown yet Brother: Chris Grace (Chris was gone when Chris was 10 and John was 11 they were had a picnic and Chris walked into a bush and never came back) Aunty: Jennifer Grace (John is now living with his aunty because his mom died in a car accident)

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