hi im jess

name: jess redlis (unclaimed camper)

DOB: oct31st,1993


cohort choices:3,2,5

godly parent choices: terror, fear, mars.

weapon:gael(celtic broadsword) a sword that, in combat, erupts in black flames.

magic items: belt that turns into fullbody black armor with red cape.

ocarina that summons my nightmare,brimstone.

backpack that can store infinite items

powers: manipulate weapons,knowledge of battle strategy, skilled in multple forms of combat.

history: my parents met at a halloween party in san diego. my mom was dressed as a nun and my dad as a knight. they hit it off immediately. they dated and even got married to each other. he left when i was born. he visited a few times and left her with a different item each time. when he left for good my mother wasn't sad and told me to be strong,like a warrior. she raised me and i lived happily for a time. one time, while visiting my aunt in europe during december i saw a couple of guys trying to take a kid. i beat them up with a giant ice-covered tree branch it turned out he was the first son of her majesty the queen. sh honored me with knighthood. afterwards we returned home for a peaceful life. before a sphinx attacked us. it killed my mother. before she died she told me to take the items and run. i was an adult by then and i wanted to stay but i left. then the house exploded. i found my father left me a beltbuckle, an ocarina, a backpack, and a sword. that was when i found a letter it said: "jess, when you read this your mother may be dead. im sorry. she was a good woman. i saw her dead but i couldn't do anything. i wanted to but the fates wouldn't let me. so i leave you these items to help you on your journey. lupa's scouts will come to meet you and take you to her and then to camp jupiter. good bye. i love you son." i crumpled the note and howled with rage. when lupa's scouts came, i went with them. after spending time with lupa i left for camp jupiter. i was chased by karpoi along the way but i burned them down with gael. i still burn with rage at how my mother died. but now im learning to channel my anger at camp jupiter.


  • me in my armor
  • my magic rucksack
  • brimstone: my loyal nightmare
  • my ocarina. capable of summoning brimstone
  • my sword: gael.
  • my armor in belt buckle form
jess likes to eat mostly meat and carrots.

enjoys practicing sword skills

has great leadership skills.

hates fruits (because of a rotten pear incident.)

was almost married to an empousa but got away in time.

his epithets are "the black terror" and "first knight of her majesty the queen of england."

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