Traditional Gladius

The gladius is a short sword typically used by Roman legionnaires. It is the main weapon of the Roman Army. Another type of sword used by the Roman Army is the spatha.

The blade is about 60-80cm long and 4-8cms wide.


Gladii are used for cutting and chopping motions and also for thrusting.

The javelin (pilum) would be used first to engage the enemy, and the soldier would then move in with the gladius.

Gladii are used for light infantry, whilst spatha are used for heavy infantry because it has a longer reach.

Imperial Gold GladiiEdit

All demigods who come to camp are equipped with a Gladius, a Pilum, a Pugio, a Scutum and armour. All are made of Imperial Gold.

Demigods are allowed to swap their gladius for a spatha if they wish.

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