Claire Knight

Claire Knight, demigod

Claire Knight is fourteen years old.

She was born on the 16th of September (1996). Her mother, Luisa Knight said nothing to her about her father.

She is quite brave and fiesty, and likes spouting random facts.


Halberd (like Claire's)

She fights with an Imperial Gold halberd and is a very talented fighter. The halberd (named Sam) is disguised as a penlight.


She can run very fast (at the speed of light) and can turn invisible. She can sense earthquakes before they happen. She has clear sight, which is very rare for a demigod.


  1. Fourth Cohort
  2. Fifth Cohort
  3. Third Cohort


  1. Mars
  2. Mercury
  3. Janus


  • Her favourite colour is blue.
  • Her middle name is Janet.
  • She hates white chocolate.

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