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-------------------------NOTE FOR ALL ADMINS AND USERS ON CAMP JUPITER ROLEPLAY WIKI---------------------                    Hi! My name is Dop, and I am a Bureaucrat on the Original Camp Jupiter Wiki along with HunterofArtemis12 and A Son of Hades . Please note that the Original Camp Jupiter ROLEPLAY wiki is now out of commission, and my wiki has taken up roleplaying once again. Therefore I don't see how this wiki is neccesary. If you like you are always free to join New Rome. We have both fanfiction and roleplaying there on Camp Jupiter. Thanks!                                                                                                                                    ~DaughterofPoseidon14            ∞For infinity - we will be together∞

Map of Camp Jupiter

Welcome to the Camp Jupiter Roleplay Wiki. The legendary Roman Camp - Camp Jupiter.


Getting Started[]

To get started:

Click "Add a Page"

Name your character

Then, tell us a bit about yourself. Try and fill this out:




3 Cohort choices:

3 Godly parent choices:



You can also add a bit of history if you want. How you found out you were a demigod, etc.

Becoming a Camper[]

You can copy and paste the list if you wish (and fill it in). If you could do it "Camper Name - Unclaimed" that would help a lot. Add your page to the category "Campers". Also, please, add your username somewhere on the page so we know who it is who owns the character.

Wanted Pages[]


Here is a list of wanted pages. It is not definite (we want pages of all major and minor gods; we are just listing the most important ones).

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