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Camp Jupiter is where all demigods and legacys of the Roman Gods go. The Activities director of the camp is Lupa. The Greek counterpart of the Camp is Camp Half-Blood.

The entrance to the camp is near the Caldecott Tunnel, San Francisco.

History of the CampEdit

The camp was founded by Aeneas, the first Roman Demigod, who founded Rome after he fled, with the Trojans (in exile). The society that he founded was different to Greece. It was more disciplined, militaristic and warlike. The gods of the Roman society were more disciplined, militaristic and warlike than their Greek counterparts, and the demigods were different to those who had come from the Greek aspect.

The Greeks and Romans have always had rivalry, and there have been many conflicts between the demigods.

How Campers come to this CampEdit

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Camp Jupiter Logo

Campers are dropped at Wolf House by their parent. They are then judged by Lupa, who eats them if they are weak and if they are strong, takes them to Camp Jupiter.

They are tattooed with the symbols of their godly parents, the initials SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus - The Senate and People of Rome), and for each year they remain at camp, receive a bar code type stripe.

System StructureEdit


Praetors are the two elected leaders of the Legion.


There are five cohorts. Each has four barracks of ten bunks (forty beds).

Campers can join a Cohort through the recommendation of a Centurion, or reference letters from their family.

Centurions, Legionnaires and ProbatioEdit

Centurions are leaders of the Cohorts.

The probatio are campers who have not yet proved themselves, or been claimed. After they have done a year of service, they are accepted into the Legion.

Legionnaires are Campers that have proved themselves (and have been accepted into the legion), but are not Centurions.

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